08/21/17 Weight 388  2 lbs.  Staying active at gym.  slow steady progress is key.  Last week LOTS of work hours.  Hope clears up soon.

7/31/17  Here we are.  status down 2 more lbs.  scale at gym says 395 so 11 lbs total.  Not that anyone wants to hear this, however I assured you I would document my journey and to maintain journalistic integrity. that said: It appears my weight journey was hampered because I was not …ummm  uhhh having a proper bowel movement, so there ya have it my wife was right. (pause for applause)  So those on this path ensure you are at the least once per day or you may not see the progress you are seeking.

Don’t be full of it

07/26/17  I am back.  I am watching what I eat so far 14 lbs down.  More to follow. Wanna know a secret?  Just Go Anyway!  I spent a lot of time with that dark Passenger telling me ALL sorts of Lies.  Just Take that step.  5 4 3 2 1  GO!

9/21/15  Football is back!  Boom!  So is beer and wings and nachos!  No loss this week.  I struggle with seeing the changes to my body physique but little to no changes around the waist.  I have to be patient, I did not get like this over night and it will take some time to correct.  Eating correctly and proper portions are my ticket.

9/14/15  Lost half inch around belly.. Ba Bam.  Faced a challenge with staying accurate to calorie count with Football Sundays back!  So I have to stay disciplined on that,  a couple of beers and some potato skins REALLY eat up available calories!  LOL

9/7/15  Documenting Everything I eat, this has helped me bring focus to where I would have slipped over the weekends.  This week I stuck to the plan, had my free day and kept the other days under the limit.  I am using the “lose it app”  Helping so far.  I have also entered into a inches lost challenge with my friend Blackwulf,  ( I think he is a superhero or something, cuz I don’t know his real name! COOL)  Root for me peeps!  Hold Me Accountable!

8/31/15  Cutting down on the calories a bit,  I still struggle on the weekends and documenting what I eat at that time.  Every day better in Every Way!

Life is a journey, Where are you on your journey?

8/18/2015:  You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step

Dropped 1 MOUTHA FUKIN Belt Notch  Beeeotches!   BA BAM!

Counting calories to a better fitter me!.. Join me on my Journey.  Using  app called “lose it”  I exercised mon-fri last week.  So far so good.


still plugging along, using the app,  consistent exercise as well.

Dropped 1 MOUTHA FUKIN Belt Notch  Beeeotches!   BA BAM!


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