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Hi I am John Quest, welcome to the blog.
I am here to help you help yourself!
I am the facilitator in your new life. I will pass you the ball   and let you do the touchdown dance.
You gotta go up and get it though, there will be forces attempting to stop you, self-made ones. It appears real.. Don’t believe its hype. Go Get Your Destiny
Purpose here is to empower you to move beyond the fear that is blocking you, that self-made prison of doubt and deception that tricks you into staying still.
We will do it together, take my hand.
I am told the question people ask is “what’s in it for me?’
Good Question, Freedom from the monster that lives under the bed, The one that paralyzes you into inaction and inactivity.
Nothing is free in life though, you will have to pay for this freedom, you will have to W O R K
Yea it is hard.
It aint easy. It’s Worth It!


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