Life is a Journey, Where are you on your journey?

Life is a Journey, Where are you on your journey?

So, My first post.

Welcome to “QuestPursuit” my friends.

This will be a place where we can learn and travel together for however long on our journey is.

I will start, as we gather around the campfire, it is a custom among tribal cultures to have a talking stick. This ensures politeness and decorum

We will follow that tradition here. We will converse in a polite manner. We can disagree   but we will be civil. I, nor, you have any place for prattle.

I am a martial artist; besides my wife I would say it is my reason to be on this earth to help people conquer their fear. My friend Richard Machowitz shared with me some years ago a saying I would like to pass it on to you

“two thing stop you from doing something

*hold up 2 fingers in V shape*

*index finger: Lack of knowledge* *middle finger: Fear*

*push down your index finger.. once you have knowledge*   * continue holding up middle finger.. FORNICATE FEAR*

(I am told swearing will tick off wordpress, so we will comply..for now

I try to live and kick fear to the curb, it is an obvious point here Fear and Stupidity are two different entities. Such as walking out into traffic without looking is foolhardy. It may show an absence of fear however it shows an absence of something else as well

How many times in our everyday life are we ruled by fear.. Afraid to ask for a raise, afraid to speak out at injustice, afraid to talk to women or ask for what you want. As the shoe company says Just do it.

I will share with you my journey. A few years ago I had a martial arts dojo, I loved it, I was unfortunately not a business success and had to close.

I slipped into depression, I gained Way Way too much weight, I did not have much gusto left. As a result my relationship and marriage started to sputter, I of course was a fat slob….Sexy.. so of course my wife started to avoid being physical . I slipped more. To the point .. I wanted nothing to do with MA. My life essence was leaving my body slowly. I am ashamed to admit. I was ready to die.

I had a wakeup call; I remember getting one of those free life insurance offers from my work along with the offer to increase coverage. My wife suggested we take more coverage; I was against the idea as I finances were already strapped.   I recall her getting very upset very quickly as she ran to the bathroom, my wife has difficulty sharing her emotions she would rather cry in private and discuss it later. On this occasion she started to sob and was very frantic on how she did not want to lose me

This struck me, Quite suddenly.   The pain I was causing her.

As she was in the bathroom, I started to think about the direction I was going and the choices I made.

Sometimes in our lives something happens that can change our course direction in an instant. This was one of those times..

I was sitting there on the bed I had an itch on my shin, I scratched it, I noticed about an inch indentation on my shin! I pushed again.. It was if my shin had about an inch of play dough! Being a karate master and understanding Chinese medicine rather well I knew the signs of impending heart trouble!

I knew I was in trouble, I also knew I was a hypocrite! I had a wife who wanted me around, I was Not A Failure! I had students who wanted me around, what kind of leader was I fading like this?

I vowed right then and there to be a better husband to my wife and to be a better man.

My point in dredging this up? Where are you on your journey? Are you stopped as I was and waiting for the buzzards?   I can help you, you gotta walk on your own though.

We Will Climb Out Of This Pit


We all need help from time to time, I did, Do You?   I got my help. Athol Kay, Brian Rideout, Dave Bowmann (put down the whiskey Brian!) SF64, Tennee, Chief, Serenity, Angeline, Jelly Bean, BlueWolf, Middleman, BlackWolf, Katt,

My Wife Ann Quest ( she thought I lost my damn mind, now she loses her mind and breath..if ya know what I mean.

My Martial art family as well: Jack Hogan, George VonWaldner, Bruce Chui, Jerald Carter, David Jones, David Hogan, Ken Onimus, Cindy Onimus, Mike Thompson, Michael Sinnett, Keith Foskey, Mark Fusco, Mike Matthews.

There are so many.. You ALL Saved my life! So many I am sure I am forgetting, I am emotional at these peoples caring hand.

To those I callously forget here.. I cannot thank you enough for your help as well.